Get Down
Amplify Dot - Get Down

Get Down es uno de los temas musicales de los videojuegos de la serie FIFA, es cantada por Amplify Dot, tiene una duración de 3:08 minutos.

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Lemme get down, down, down
Me I get all the way the down
All the way down (all the way down)

Down down down
Me I get down down down down
Dotty get down down down down
Can I get down down down

Listen baby lemme show you how I do it
Me I get down kinda dirty like sewage
Dotty push the limit ain’t 30 that I’m doing when I beat the riddim up and it leave it looking kinda bluish
Stars on me like Hanukkah, Jewish
I blow more notes than harmonicas do it
I got you on your knees like Monica - Lewinsky and I’m a product of my wallet
Listen I’m - down for whatever, do it till the haters and debaters get fed up
Bitches get ya bread up for you end up in cellar
I’m a fucking woman beater, word to my Stella
Heard em rap better, tell er I’m a get her
Dotty get down underground escalator, fold 'em like the paper in my tray with my eraser I’mma rub em bitches out and get my money baby pay up

Check it hunny lemme show you why I’m badder
And why I take the piss like I’m pressing on ya bladder
I’m a veteran, winner takes all no Abba
I’m sending them down all snakes no ladders
I’m dragon on a mic take cover, I might spray suttin that’ll blaze all others
In a rave I’m something like the J5 brothers, blame it on the boogie when I take your thunder
On a late night I’mma, just break light, new day, takin bitches out like date night you pay
Me I get down, syndrome, bank balance looking bingo
Come on I’m star ask Ringo, me I go blind I could cover glass windows, lullaby ting when I tuck a bitch in
Nothing but sparks like a Cover Drive single
Down, simple

I got plans for me I’ll get down you see
Make em bounce, like a trampoline
I get down, down
What I plan to be, in my fantasy is a boss
Can you handle me I get down, down

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